New Zealand Flavours

Our unique kiwifruit chocolate is one of our best sellers. Where else in the world can you find the highest quality New Zealand kiwifruit enriched with creamy dairy-milk chocolate? Our soft kiwifruit centre is enough to make anyone buckle at the knees.
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Chocolate Supreme

It's New! It's in a black box!
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Stand up Gift Boxes

These beautifully packaged upright boxes make both an excellent gift and a great display piece. Incredibly popular with boutique confectioners and their customers, this is a range of select confectionery for discerning tastes.
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Supremely Gourmet is proud to offer some of New Zealand’s finest chocolate. Using only premium New Zealand made dark and milk chocolate and then filled with locally grown fruit our range of chocolates come individually wrapped in beautiful coloured foil to seal in the freshness and flavour, ensuring the highest quality and most attractive product possible.

Supremely Gourmet has been producing some of New Zealand’s finest quality chocolate and confectionery since 1998. Try them yourself, share them with your friends, or give them as a gift for someone you care about – we assure you that you will enjoy the divine, decadent and downright delicious flavours of Supremely Gourmet.

Try the beautiful New Zealand range with a wide flavour selection from Boysenberry Chocolates, Manuka Honey Chocolates, Chocolate Strawberry, Feijoa Chocolates,Passionfruit Chocolates and of course one of New Zealand’s favourite flavours, the famous Kiwi Fruit Chocolates. These products and are available at most leading gift shops, souvenir and confectionary outlets.

You are sure to love our range of local market and tourist oriented boxes which showcase the wonderful flavours and scenery of beautiful New Zealand.

Browse our range and choose something delicious – we promise you won’t regret it!

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