New Zealand Flavours

Our unique kiwifruit chocolate is one of our best sellers. Where else in the world can you find the highest quality New Zealand kiwifruit enriched with creamy dairy-milk chocolate? Our soft kiwifruit centre is enough to make anyone buckle at the knees.
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Chocolate Supreme

It's New! It's in a black box!
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Stand up Gift Boxes

These beautifully packaged upright boxes make both an excellent gift and a great display piece. Incredibly popular with boutique confectioners and their customers, this is a range of select confectionery for discerning tastes.
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Life is too short to eat bad chocolate. That’s why we are on a mission to create the most delicious New Zealand-made chocolate you can buy.

Our chocolates are lovingly created from premium dark and milk chocolate and are filled with locally grown flavours. Some of our pieces are iconic, such as Manuka honey, hokey pokey and kiwifruit. Others showcase the yummiest New Zealand fruits, like passionfruit, boysenberry and feijoa.
With more than 16 specially crafted chocolate and flavour pairings to choose from, we have something special for everyone. Individually wrapped to ensure full flavour and freshness, our boxed chocolates are made to share if you’re feeling generous. If you prefer the happiness of an entire block of chocolate, we have a range of 120-gram premium chocolate bars.

Share the best of New Zealand with your friends or treat yourself to a flavour of home. Shop our delicious flavours below.