About Us

Somewhere in New Zealand, small batches of high grade brazil nuts and almonds are being enrobed in layers of pure dairy milk chocolate. Once the nuts are completely encased in chocolate, they are being meticulously individually-wrapped in luxuriously bright coloured card, before being marked with gold foil labels.

This is the same story for the full range of Supremely Gourmet products. Our encased fruit chocolates are filled with the finest New Zealand produced dried fruit including blueberries and kiwifruit. And all the macadamias, hazelnuts, coffee beans and almonds are selected from only the high grade imported produce.

Who is Supremely Gourment

Created in 1998, by owner Adrian Welham, Supremely Gourmet has been a leader in the design and creation of gourmet confectionery for the local and international market. Our innovative products and high quality ingredients and packaging ensure we meet the most stringent of export standards and quality. We also source only the best New Zealand ingredients to use in the creation of our range. We think life's too short to buy and consume, cheap low quality confectionery that's why our long-term vision is to supply the most delicious and high quality range of confectionery to the entire world. That way everyone can get a sample of the wonderful flavours of our beautiful New Zealand! If you would like to know more about our products, please call us we're a very friendly bunch of people! Best regards and happy indulging, Adrian Welham